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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. This page contains our commitment to you in terms of privacy of any information held by us for use in ordering on the shopping cart section of this site. 'The Big Brick' - the Company and the Website will be referred to in these conditions as 'we'. The customers and visitors of this site and shopping cart will be referred to as 'you' .

  • 'We' undertake to keep private any information which we hold for the purposes of providing goods and services to 'you' as provided for by 'you' and that 'you' agree to these conditions.
  • No personal information of any kind provided by 'you' will be given to any third party for any reason other than that which is required by law.
  • 'We' undertake to do our utmost to keep private any information provided by 'you' for reasons of purchasing goods. 'We' have done our part to ensure privacy and security is maintained at all times by providing 'you' with a secure SSL connection to our site and shopping cart. 'We' can not be held liable for any information that may be taken by fraudulant means if it does not come from the site or the sites server. 'You' must undertake to do your part by securing your own computer system via means of security measures and programs that help to prevent the use of viruses, trojans, worms and spyware/malware.
  • This site does not use cookies.
  • Your Statutory and Consumer rights are not affected.

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